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The Official Bun Reveal: Courageously Free Travelers +1

Most of you have suspected it. Some of you have seen it. Here’s the latest reveal of our little 32 week old bun and the story behind it. When you’re done tell me if you think it’s a boy or a girl (if you know.. don’t say it). Right Before We Found Out We were already planning to come back to New Zealand. No real plans of having a family, but just to enjoy a bit of grounding and just sit for awhile before traveling again. Two months before we moved back longer term we were in the states....

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Tips For Backpackers

Are you looking to backpack at any point? Have you backpacked before?   Going to the UK sometime? Come back to this blog on Monday, November 21, See how you can win a voucher to rent a car.   Ok.. I have to admit, that I wouldn’t necessarily consider us as backbackers, however, there is a lot of overlap in what we do that backbackers would totally do! Like.. Save a bit of money. I was excited when Sandra from asked us to collaborate and give tips to backpackers. Of course, I was hesitant because we’re not backpackers… but...

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[New Episode] Traveling Craft Beer Enthusiast Talks About Her Journey as a Traveling Entrepreneur

Did you know that I started a podcast called “The Art of Living Courageously Free“? Though, the guests are entrepreneurs and industry leaders, some of them DEFINITELY have been bit by the travel bug. And I want to share these with you. For example, Tiffany Martin. I’m not going to say much, but she loves beer, traveling and dogs. Her passion project is “The Travelling Pint“. Enjoy her episode here: (BTW…. ** Stay Tuned ** Going to the UK soon? Keep your eyes here this week to win a voucher to rent a car in the...

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How to Get a Cheap Bus Fare – $1 Bus From L.A. to S.F.

Paying $1 a seat on a 383 mile bus ride sounds amazing doesn’t it? And no.. it’s not Greyhound. I’ve taken that one before. This in fact is for Megabus, which runs all over Europe, Canada and the United States. Here’s your mini guide on how I was able to get tickets for Mike and I to San Francisco for one measly dollar. How We Got Our L.A. to S.F. Tickets for $1 I have a soft spot for San Francisco, so naturally I try my best to find reasons to go back and see my besties. I started...

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The Best Yoga Teacher in Orange County

If you love to exercise, don’t you find it quite a challenge to stick to your routine when you travel? I know I do. I’m constantly looking for ways to stay somewhat fit and sometimes it works out. Yoga has been the easiest because I travel with my mat and follow videos on But, this time, in Orange County, California it was different. My very first yoga class at #crunchLakeForest, I instantly felt a sense of familiarity with Marizol from She’s a belly dancer, a Zumba instructor, a yoga instructor AND a Reiki healer. She’s a very kind and empathetic soul, which make her classes feel like home. She was kind enough to do a collaboration with me and let me interview her. Collaboration A HUGE thanks to Marizol, my sister Yvonne (Unveiled Collection) and my niece for helping me put this video together.   Interview • What does being courageously free mean to you? • Freeing your mind from ALL fears including yourself. Once you do that, then your whole world becomes free to you. Meaning that everything that is to your highest and greatest and good can be achieved and available to you every day at all times. And that feels euphorically freeing.   • Our journey from A to B is never a straight line. What do you do to motivate yourself when you...

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