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Where are you?

“Where are you?” Is the biggest question people ask us these days. Right this second, we’re in Orange County, California (where I grew up). You’ll see some teaser clips in the midst of this 0:54 second video of the 22 Day #pushupChallenge we’re doing. We’re getting ready to head to San Francisco and I’m crossing fingers we’ll take a detour through Arizona on our way to New York before our Europe trip. So my question for YOU is.. Will you be in any of the following areas? San Francisco Arizona Toronto New York London Netherlands Germany If you are let...

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That Burning Question with 5 Ideas That Can Get You Started

This is a post for those who are curious about what we do. And 5 ideas on how you can start working towards traveling a bit more. This isn’t for the faint of heart so if you’re interested in this space, then keep reading. The burning question that everyone asks is like the pink elephant in the room if you work day in an day out. “How are you able to travel full time?” Let me stretch your mind a bit because if this is one of your questions I will guarantee you there are so many things that we...

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Travel Shack June Giveaway

Woo Hoo!! We’ve partnered with The Travel Shack to do a “BALI GIVEAWAY”! Watch the video above first… Then follow the steps below =) Step 1 – Subscribe to Our YouTube Channel:   Step 2 – Like Travel Shack & Koru Enterprises Facebook Pages:   Travel Shack: Koru Enterprises: Step 3 – Comment ‘I want the #travelShackGiveaway’ on this post: Literally copy and paste (or type) → ‘I want the #travelShackGiveaway‘ and put it in the comments of the post below on our page.   Step 4 – Share on Social Media: Tweet CONGRATS! You’ve been entered to win the $50 voucher from Travel...

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The Best Travel Microphone for Your Smartphone

If you’re into blogging, vlogging, podcasting on the go… or anything that has to do with video and audio you have to get this microphone. Ok.. ok.. maybe you can do a bit of research, but at least check out the video so you can hear the difference between using the microphone from my Samsung Galaxy Note 4 and the Rode SmartLav+ Microphone for your smartphone naked and with the minifur. Let me take a step back and give you an idea of the other mic I use and why I decided to get this one. Having a microphone...

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American Visa Waiver for Traveling Kiwis (New Zealanders)

Ever wonder how Mike gets into the United States when we visit my family or go to events? Kiwis (people from New Zealand) have it fairly easy in most countries. Entering into the U.S. isn’t so bad. There are 38 countries that are allowed to travel through America for up to 90 days using the visa waiver program. If you’re not planning on staying in the U.S. for a terribly long time, consider getting a visa waiver. Check out the video above (of course if you haven’t already) to see what Mike uses to enter the U.S.   Handy...

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