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Why a Penny Farthing Beats Bali and Prague

What if I told you Mike rode a penny farthing in Canada? You’re probably like.. wtf is that?! Dude.. it’s like a unicycle w/ a baby wheel on the back… you’ve totally seen those right? I have to admit, though Prague and Bali are my favorite places to live, I can’t beat the living experience I had in Canada in the outskirts of Toronto in a wee little town called Jerseyville. Now, it’s mainly because our two buddies are a thousand times funner than we are (ya i know.. not a word.. work with me here). Tiff aka Ms....

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Who Are Mike and Regina?

So you wonder who we are aye? You’ve seen us on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, your mom’s dinner table. Heh.. At this very moment this is my very first post on our travel site. So, I thought I’d take the time to do a proper introduction. I’m Regina. My husband Mike and I have been traveling full time since January 2014. We both worked in the entertainment industry before we quite our jobs. Mike worked in the music industry and traveled all over Australia and New Zealand with some pretty cool names. I worked in the film and tv...

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[Review] Celebrity Cruises: SUMMIT Cruise Ship

Celebrity Cruises SUMMIT Cruise Ship Well, we did it. We survived the 7 days on Celebrity Cruises Summit Cruise Ship. Wow! We were blown away. For living such a busy life, going on a cruise with Celebrity Cruises is an unforgettable gift you can give yourself. We floated for 7 days through the Virgin Islands after leaving the Old Town San Juan port in Puerto Rico. Transportation from the Airport to the Port This was easy. We got in a day early and stayed at the San Juan Airport Hotel which is conveniently located in Terminal D. The next...

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