How Do We Travel Full Time?

At first we never even thought about what freedom meant to us.

After digging deep down and taking time to ponder, we eventually realized that part of freedom to us was travel.

You know what?

I’m going to be straight forward…

Before you continue down, this really isn’t for everyone.

But, I’m inviting you to expand your mind just for a hot minute because I know you’re super curious.

We do a number of things, but our main source of income as we travel is through affiliate marketing.

Below I will tell you:

W(hy)TF we Care So Much About Money

So you *really* want to know why we care so much about money?

We really don’t.

In fact we actually spend way less traveling long term, than we would buying a house, having a car, paying insurances, buying household items and just living in one spot.

But, that’s because we’re careful about what we spend.

Plus.. we can’t carry the latest home theater system in our luggage unless it’s our portable Sony SRSX2 speaker.

(and yes, that was our affiliate link you will click. You too can give people affiliate links of things you like and make a commission off of it. It’s easy. We can show you how.)

Why do we care so much about money?

Well.. we don’t… but, how else will we feed ourselves and fund our living expenses?

Everyone cares about money… enough to get that next pair of shoes, eat out at least once in awhile, to get the next shiny new… errr you get the idea.


Our Main Sources of Income

Though we have multiple income streams, there are two that stand out the most that we feel align with our core values and desire to help others.

(1) VimNow – Goal Setting App, Personal Development, Professional Development

Ever since we started working online we knew that the fastest and best way to succeed was to…

.. not only have a mentor (someone who is where you want to be and was where you are right now)

.. but have a community of people who are on a similar path as you

.. the right education and information to get you to where you want to go.

VIM really is for anyone who wants to achieve their goals in all areas of their life: personally, family, life, career. It’s a set of tools and an academy to get you to where you actually want to be.

(2) The Art of Living Courageously Free Podcast

The Art of Living Courageously Free Podcast (AOLCF) brings you conscious, heart centered entrepreneurs, industry and thought leaders. Find out what being courageously free means, learn how to Integrate the things you love with practical business knowledge, tips and advice from these “little geniuses” 3 x a week. He/She will also be asked questions that are specially designed for you to connect with and take that next step to being a little genius and living courageously free.

What really started out as a hobby has since been cultivated as one income stream as well. I have a passion for sharing people’s stories to inspire and motivate others to find a way to get in touch with their inner genius.

I truly believe everyone has an inner genius inside of them, but most haven’t been taught to bring that little genius out.

The time to start is now… no matter how long it takes. It’s inside you.

Other Sources of Income and Why We Use Them

We had to find a way to monetize what we do right (blogging, traveling…. etc)?

We were thinking… if everyone is using the internet and everybody practically buys goods and services online, how can we do the same?

You know what blew our mind … ?

… most companies …

… yoga, clothing, sports equipment, books …. any type of company…

have affiliate programs.

What’s an affiliate program?

That means that anyone who sells a product or has a service (Amazon Associates for example) will give you a commission if you give them your specific link for that product.

A lot of times people ask me… what products would I sell?

I just say.. well what do you normally buy .. or.. what’s your passion?

Here are other ways we create an income while traveling:

  • Profit Sharing (Non-US Residents) with My Advertising Pays – We thought that this idea of clicking ads was silly, until we actually tried it. We spend 5-10 minutes a day clicking 10 ads to get a cut of the profit. We also use advertising credits to drive traffic to our website or any other offers we have
  • Our Own Digital Products  – Nothing SCREAMS 100% Commissions any louder than creating your own products. We had to learn the basics of traffic and content creation as well as master social media marketing to get to this point… but all is well worth it when you can totally build something yourself right?
  • Affiliates of travel companies – Because… Why wouldn’t we share this? We travel full time. We use these prodcuts and services. They help you and we get a commission. But, this is something you can easily do too. It doesn’t even have to be travel, but something that you are passionate about.
  • Affiliates of non travel companies – We love travel, but we don’t just do travel companies. A lot of these are also tools we use to run our business. It’s a great place for you to start if you’re curious, but to be quite frank.. if you wanted a step by step guide on how to start up then the 14 Day Training will walk you through.
  • Here’s a bigger list of tools we use that have affilliate accounts

How We Able to Get and Do Things Without Paying

This is where money sometimes doesn’t matter.

At the core of it, money is just exchange of value.

What you’re doing is exchanging a good or services based on the perceived value of that item.

So, think of this as bartering…

A lot of times we get contacted with businesses who don’t have a huge budget for marketing.

Because Mike and I learned and teach how to genuinely grow your Instagram and Twitter following, these companies contact us to help promote their product by doing a review.

We’ve also been asked to stay in hotels and holiday apartments in exchange for a review on our blog.

We’ve even gone to parks with attractions and asked if we can take footage of the area that we can send to them to use for their website.

So.. it’s not necessarily just making money, but also, finding ways to spend as little as possible, while being able to help other people or businesses out.

It’s a matter of us giving value by doing posts like this to give you information you’re looking for as well as giving other businesses that recognition to help them.

It’s an even exchanged between equally perceived values.

Know what I’m saying?

The 3 Lamest Excuses to Not Quit Your Job to Travel Full Time

I know one or more of these will cross your mind if you want to get out of doing what you’re doing.

I know that because it’s exactly what crossed through our minds.

But, the thing about being able to “do what you want” in life is to find a solution to your problem.

Instead of using these excuses to stop us from traveling or basically doing what we want, we found solutions on how to do it.

Ok …

… no … it wasn’t freaking easy.

But I’d rather spend a few months to a couple years to learn how to write my own paycheck, than sit behind a desk for 40+ years.

Anyway… here we go…

1 – I have a responsibility to pay my mortgage.

If you have a mortgage, of course you have a responsibility.

But, using that as an excuse to not travel is lame.

Yes, I know… I probably just rubbed a sore spot.

When we left New Zealand we had two houses. One was my house I purchased before I met Mike, one is a joint house.

We hired a management company.

We shopped around and picked one of three companies. We loved them because their rep was amazing and they made it so easy for us.

There was a point in time where my house was completely empty for a few months.

Ya, we struggled.

So, I decided to sell it.

To be quite frank… it was a hell of a lot easier selling overseas than if I would have been there myself.

2 – But I have to save to travel

Um… this is the whole reason why we work online.

The concept of “having to save” will keep you stuck to where you are sometimes… not always.

I do agree that if you want to find supplemental income with the intention of completely replacing your income…do that first.

Find a way to create an income and then when you can get your numbers right then quit your job.

Just.. don’t quit your job now.

That’s even lamer than any of these excuses.

Saving is a must for sure.. but do it as a backup for that odd week you need it.

3 – But I have a family

Ya, that’s cool… and?

Ok… I admit that it’s not as easy to have a family.. much less travel with the family.

The biggest thing about finding a way to travel full time is being able to choose how you want to travel.

We have many friends with kids who have been traveling and some have been traveling for years.

Some have kids with disabilities too.

There are a number of destinations with expatriate families to serve as a good support system.

They’re all easy to find on Facebook as well so that you can even connect with them as you start to create your travel lifestyle before you move forward.

Why We Decided to Just Tell All

Ok… it took me a long time to really come to terms that this was ok to share with you.

There are a number of ways to target your ideal audience for your blog or your business.

And you can do it by specifically finding those people by their interests and how they use the internet.

And that’s what happened to us.

We were targeted by our mentors.

This is how I found them.

Well… how they found me.

All because it started with me searching and reading The Four-Hour Work Week by Tim Ferriss.

We actually joined them in an affiliate marketing company they were in.

It was a company we were with for a long time.

Until we realized… the message of the company totally changed and was mis-aligned with what we believed in.

Because of that, we lost a lot of our monthly income because of the effects of the erratic behavior of the owner of the company.

But, then we realized.

We actually learned most of what we know from our mentors.

We also realized that.. because we learned and implemented what they taught us, we grew to know more than a lot of businesses.

We went from ground zero to teaching thousands of people around the world exactly what we’ve learned.

In fact…

Here’s a MAJOR tip for you…

You should NEVER really have to pay to become an affiliate of a company.

That’s what we did and after our reality was shaken, we started doing things different.

We paid thousands of dollars to become an affiliate of a company… we did really well… but we also pigeon holed ourselves instead of opening ourselves up to this big badass world of the internet even more than we have.

So this is why we’ve stuck with our mentors even after we decided to move on from this original company we started with.

There was a whole shift from….

… having to pay a ton of money to get the education to sell the education

.. to ..

giving education away so people can learn first earn a bit of moolah.

And giving value first is something we strongly believe in.

And… it’s really turned into a movement.

This whole new movement is up and coming and will be released soon.

But, in the meantime we’ve realized that our vision really encompassed a larger amount of people who just wanted to:

  • defy common thought
  • create on their own terms
  • be around people who were the same

Even though we already knew, it really hit us in the face that…

Collaboration is the key to success…

In fact.. the internet is actually set up really well to create a collaborative environment for all of us to thrive on… together and for ourselves.


Well.. there you go.

A bit of an eye opener and a bit of inspiration and motivation to nudge you towards living your dream.

It’s not easy.. but what dream is?

It’s F*****g worth it.

We have the most amazing “offices” and have spent more time with the people we love in the past few years than we have in over a dozen years.

If you have any questions or suggestions on topics here or anywhere on the blog.. please let us know!

Here’s to your success!

Much love,

Regina & Mike