Broken planks over water.

Rubbish in the water with a stench you prefer not to get used to.

La Solución.

This is where Mike and I took our little feet and walked through yesterday.

It looks something similar to this:

Our Impromptu Adventure Through La Solución, A Dangerous Place To Be | Courageously Free Travelers


Unfortunately, we didn’t have our camera.

Here’s how it started…

We decided to take a walk to get out of the apartment.

We started walking on the south side of the airport for a change.

As we started walking along the dirt path towards the “ghetto” someone in a van stopped, got out and asked;

“Adonde vas?”

Where are you going?

His name was Solano. He ran the only non-Chinese owned store in La Solución on Isla Colón here in Bocas del Toro.

Apparently, no one except the indigenous are allowed to go through La Solución.

He said, “Well, hey come on.. I have a few minutes. I’ll take you through. I’ll introduce you as my friends, otherwise you can’t ever be too careful.. especially as foreigners in an area you shouldn’t be in. The tourist area is where all the paved streets are. Let’s go, follow me.”

My my first world standards it was disgusting.

It stank. It was dirty. It was wet.

But, there were 450-500 houses in that area full of local native indians.

Their houses were built around the mangroves in the water.

But, one thing I noticed was..

.. the kids were running around and smiling..

.. even on the raised, wooden, narrow walkways that danced around the neighborhood.

The people who were living there knew no different.

It was only me discriminating.

They’d do the same to me in the posh apartment we’re staying in.

In an area, that is comparatively the Manhattan of Bocas.

I wish I had my camera.

But, this is one of the reasons why we travel.

The perspective of different lifestyles gives us the opportunity to understand and respect other people that much more…

.. and be grateful for what we have.

It’s almost been one whole year since we’ve been traveling and we’ve seen:

  • beaches
  • city
  • gothic cathedrals
  • romanesque churches
  • medieval castles
  • underground walkways
  • stayed in 15,000 square foot mansions
  • stayed in 3rd world hostels with no electricity
  • lived without water for days
  • spend more time with family than I have in a decade
  • driven through the swiss alps
  • met new and old friends in every country
  • the poorest of the poor
  • the richest of the rich
  • trained Muay Thai kickboxing in different countries

.. the list goes on.

And as I quickly reflect on this year and all that we’ve done, all I have to say is..

quitting my job and working online was the best thing I could have ever done for myself.

I’ve lived more this year than I have ever lived in 3.5 decades.

If YOU knew in your heart that in the next year you can live more than you ever have in your whole lifetime, would you do it?

What would you do?

Your Little Digital Nomad,
~ Regina