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Tips For Backpackers

Are you looking to backpack at any point? Have you backpacked before?   Going to the UK sometime? Come back to this blog on Monday, November 21, See how you can win a voucher to rent a car.   Ok.. I have to admit, that I wouldn't necessarily consider us as...

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Where are you?

"Where are you?" Is the biggest question people ask us these days. Right this second, we're in Orange County, California (where I grew up). You'll see some teaser clips in the midst of this 0:54 second video of the 22 Day #pushupChallenge we're doing. We're getting...

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Top Gun Miramar Air Show

“You wanna fly, you got to give up the shit that weighs you down.” ― Toni Morrison Maverick or Goose? Ok.. seriously though.. I grew up going to airshows... The birds in the sky fascinate the sh** out of me. Mike took me to "Wings Over Wairarapa" and even though THAT...

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Airstream Living… For a Hot Minute

Ahh... airstream living... Ok.. we don't own an airstream. Nor did we live in one. But, we do have some friends who let us dream for a hot minute while visiting them. I'm posting this specifically because we're actually going to see these friends right now as they...

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