Bali Equestrian Center

We had an incredible time at the Bali Equestrian Center for a kids birthday party.

However… here’s my honest experience and review of BEC.

The venue is absolutely amazing.

Once you park your scooter and step foot onto the grounds you feel like you’ve been transported to another dimension.

As you stroll along the path towards the main building you have a a few of the stables to the left and a covered arena to the right.

At the end of the path, sneaking around the sign you have two massive glass doors that serve as an entrance to the shop and reception.

There are a ton of different items stocked other than riding gear.

There are clothes and even bathing suits.

Bathing suits?? yes. you’ll see why in a second.

Going through the store and out more glass doors you have a massive dining area with a bar to the left and seating on the right.

Looking straight out, there’s a massive outdoor arena and as you turn left you will eventually run into the pool.


A swimming pool.

We had a lovely time and sat down for a couple pieces of pizza and delicious sangria.



The roof fell on our heads.

A big chunk of wood grazed my friends head and hit Mike’s jaw, shoulder and hands. 

They’re ok.

Glass was shattered everywhere and I found a few micro cuts on my legs.

Thank goodness a couple of us were looking down at our phones.

I heard a weird noise above and for some reason something told me to keep my head down.

As it turns out.. this piece of wood was being held with something not much bigger than a tiny tack.

We cleaned up Mike’s little cuts and the staff cleaned up the area.

We moved forward with our day anyway. It was too beautiful of a place not to enjoy.

The kids went out and dressed the horses.

And rode around.

The birthday party was a blast.

Here’s where my honest review comes in.

As beautiful a place and as wonderful a birthday party, I was a bit disheartened with how the owner treated the situation with the roof falling on our heads.

Oh wait.. she didn’t really treat it at all.

In fact, it would have been cool if she came over to my friends and just said something real nice like… i’m so sorry this happened.. or .. i’ve taken a few sangrias off your bill and here’s a voucher for next time. But.. she didn’t even bother.

The manager… on the other hand.. and the other staff were absolutely amazing. They were attentive and helpful from the get go. They got our information and were kind.

But, the owner of BEC was quite the opposite.

During my experience as an entrepreneur the past couple years and after having my mom give me tips over the years… I learned that creating rapport with your customers was a huge deal… especially if you’re looking to have and keep them as long term patrons. And in doing that… increased business is just a byproduct.

I’m just very happy that the roof fell on our heads and not the children’s.

In any case, we still had a blast and it was a nice end to our weekend.