Celebrity Cruises SUMMIT Cruise Ship

[Review] Celebrity Cruises: SUMMIT Cruise Ship | Couragoeusly Free Travelers

Well, we did it.

We survived the 7 days on Celebrity Cruises Summit Cruise Ship.


We were blown away.

For living such a busy life, going on a cruise with Celebrity Cruises is an unforgettable gift you can give yourself.

We floated for 7 days through the Virgin Islands after leaving the Old Town San Juan port in Puerto Rico.

Transportation from the Airport to the Port

This was easy.

We got in a day early and stayed at the San Juan Airport Hotel which is conveniently located in Terminal D.

The next day we simply went to the taxi stand and picked up a taxi.

Now, we were given 3 different numbers for the cost before we got in the taxi and the range was about $21-$23 plus $1 for each luggage piece.

I think we ended up paying $26 total.

Cruise Registration

The cruise registration was open from 1pm-7pm.

We got in fairly early because we wanted to settle into our room and enjoy what the boat has to offer as soon as possible.

There were no lines at all when we got in, other than dropping off our luggage.

We zipped straight through, the guy at the counter was very efficient.

Once we got on the boat we did have to wait until our rooms were available, but the Martini Bar was open and the group we were meeting were there hanging out so it wasn’t a problem.

Condition of the Stateroom

[Review] Celebrity Cruises: SUMMIT Cruise Ship | Couragoeusly Free Travelers

We were on the 2nd deck, so we initially thought that the condition of the room was going to be a bit below average because it was on the lower deck.

We were pleasantly surprised that it was a beautiful, well kept, clean room.

We soon realized that we were happy that we were on the 2nd deck because it was so quiet.

We had a big porthole of a window and it was really cool just staring out the window to the water.

Housekeeping kept the room extremely clean and tidy every single day.

We had a few treats the first two nights with chocolate strawberries, chocolate mints and fresh fruit.

Housekeeping even turned down the beds before we came back to sleep.


Fitness Facilities

If you’ve been following us around, you already know by now that we like to stay active.

When we were in Costa Rica we had a regular gym.

There are many fitness activities on the Celebrity Cruises SUMMIT including:

  • Walking track
  • Group classes
  • Personal trainer
  • Gym

We spent some time in the gym during the week we were at sea.

We were really impressed because…

  • The equipment is state of the art
  • There are tons of machines for everyone to use
  • There are classes for everyone
  • There were more than enough freeweights
  • There were towels for everyone to use
  • There were even cold towels in a fridge for you when you’re done

Main Dining Room

We had dinner every night in the main dining room.

We had the same waiter every single night. Roberto was his name and he was the BESTTTT ever.

When you walk in and sit down, he puts a napkin on your lap and presents you with the menu.

The menu is simple. The left side lists the courses that are prepared every single day. The right side of the menu lists the courses that changed daily.

What I learned from my expert cruise companions (*ahem* my sister and her kids) was that you can actually order whatever the heck you want.

If you decide that you want every single appetizer on the menu.. why not?

If you decided you want 2 of the same soups.. sure go for it.

Oceanview Cafe

Oceanview Cafe is the massive buffet that sits on Deck 10.

There was a variety of foods from appetizers and salads to deserts, pizza, sandwiches and pasta.

It was a great way of allowing you to pick and choose exactly what you want in a casual setting.

I’d say the only drawback here is that the sushi rice has a bit too much vinegar.

Aqua Spa Cafe

As per usual, Mike and I try our best to find the healthiest options.

Not to say we always eat healthy, but we still like to try our best.

The Aqua Spa Cafe is on the same level as Oceanview Cafe and the fitness gym. It sits on one side of the solarium.

I love that you have the option to eat healthy.

They offer a buffet on the side of yummy, healthy food and juices and smoothies to order on the other side.

Check the times at which they are open because in the afternoon they do put out some sweet snacks on both sides.

Though it’s nice to have healthy options, I do have to say that they do need to work on the taste of the juices and smoothies.

I still managed to throwback many smoothies because I knew they were good for me, however, the flavors weren’t that fantastic. I compensated the detox smoothie yucky taste by adding apple juice from the machine in front of the cafe. You can ask for custom ingredients to change it to your liking, but great tasting smoothies to start would be awesome.

Nightly Entertainment

Ok. I admit that these days Mike and I tend to lay low.

We did, however, get to enjoy some live music and did catch two shows in the theater.

The live music was a lot of fun and enjoyable.

The music was upbeat and meant to satisfy the taste of a broad audience, which was still fun.

I wasn’t too impressed with the shows in the theater.

The cruise dancers were fun and so was the magician, but it could have been better.

I did hear that the comedian was awesome though.

Personal Thoughts

There is so much more on the boat that I want to talk about, but I’ll stop here for now.

I’ll be adding more content as time goes on because we have a TON of footage.

All in all, the experience was magical and relaxing.

I would definitely recommend Celebrity Cruises Summit Cruise Ship and just Celebrity Cruises in general.

We’ve already put a deposit on the 12 day Scandinavian Cruise in August 2016.

I can’t wait!