As you follow me on my trips I wanted you to take a look inside my bag.

My last post was on the Top 11 Travel Lifestyle Hacks as a Digital Nomad.

I was going to post the things I have packed in my bag, but decided to make it it’s own post.

Is that ok with you?

When we left New Zealand in January 2014 we made sure we didn’t bring as much as we normally would.

But, geeeezzz… it still ended up being too much and we have since cut down a ton.

So, here is what I’ve packed in my bags…

First of all this is the bag that I’m using.

It’s the Osprey Waypoint 85L bag. I love it, but I won’t get into it here so you can watch my review.

Take a Look Inside My Luggage…

Here we go…

  • Underwear (I had to start with this first) 7 pairs including 2 merinos
    I initially had like 20 or something stupid. It was nice because I didn’t run out fast, but it took up way too much space. 7 pairs is all you really need and if you _really_ need to cut down on the smell because you like re-using your undies, then get merinos. For us it was very useful when we were trekking in Nepal to Mount Everest base camp because it dried fast and didn’t smell.If I knew I wasn’t able to shower for a few days whether I was trekking or whether we didn’t have running water for 5 days, I just simply wore a pantyliner. I know that’s a bit TMI, but it’s good to know.
  • Bras
    Ok.. another TMI, but I _did_ say I’d talk about what’s in my bag right? I just have 4. Two dark, one light, one strapless.
  • 4 Pairs of Socks
    I prefer to wear flip-flops, but I have socks for all occasions just in case. 4 suffice:

    • Merino Liners – Thin, but warm
    • Merino Hiking socks – Warm and if it gets really cold I can layer this with my merino liners
    • Toe Socks – I run in Vibram 5 fingers and have been for a few years. I have two pairs and I wear socks with one of them.
    • White Ankle Socks – Just need a pair of normal socks “just in case”
  • Basic Sports Equipment
    I’m a bit of a monkey that likes to run and climb on things. in 2014 we traveled with our Muay Thai kickboxing gear and though we were able to bring the minimum it still took up a ton of space.

    • Lightweight Skipping Rope – This was super cheap and doesn’t take up much space at all
    • 2 Pairs of Vibram 5 Fingers – One pair for road running and another all purpose pair
    • 1 Sports Bra
    • 1 Sports tank with adjustable shelf bra
    • 1 Pair of Skins Compression shorts – I brought the pants too, but decided to ditch them this time around
    • 1 Pair lightweight running shorts – to go over compression shorts or alone. They have a little pocket to hold my ID.
    • 1 Pair of stretchy shorts as an alternative
    • Manduka Eko Travel Lite Yoga Mat – Since we took out our kickboxing gear I figured this was a nice replacement because I can do yoga or stretch anywhere. The Manduka Eko mat is super lightweight and thin enough to fold and fit in any space
  • Basic “Kitchenware”
    There have definitely been times where this was useful. Plus moving from place to place we’ve accumulated spices and condiments that we didn’t really want to throw away and were still easy to fit in our food bag. ***It’s also VERY useful to have this extra bag as a carry-on because they don’t count as a normal carry-on. We make sure we keep food in it’s own bag to keep the weight off our other bags. Plus… we’ve hidden a few things now and then underneath all the food***

    • Plastic Spork from REI. This thing is amazing. We got a packet of 4 and it’s a spork with a knife on the edge. It fits anywhere and is durable
    • Strong plastic bowl with cover. This thing has a hook on the bowl and lid so that we can hook this onto our bag if we want to. Plus there are times where we have no way to store food in our new apartments AND we can bring food with us if we need to
    • Spices. We didn’t initially pack spices, but we’ve picked up packets along the way. They’re all in sachets so that it’s easy to pack and in a bigger ziploc bag.
    • Spray bottle tops. We got these in Costa Rica because I started using them for vinegar shampoo and baking soda conditioner
    • Baking Soda – I live by this, coconut oil and apple cider vinegar for so many things… from cleaning to food to cosmetics. It’s cheap and it doesn’t take up too much space.
  • Toilet Paper – A roll or two makes a huge difference. You never know when you’re going to need it for your lil bum or to use as a napkin.
  • Hiking Pants with Zippers
    These are perfect convertible pants

    • They’re lightweight
    • you can wear them as pants, capris or shorts
    • They have pockets
  • 4 Pairs of Digital Print Leggings
    Let’s face it. It’s hard not having a variety of clothes. Wearing digital print leggings are perfect because..

    • you have the versatility of looks
    • they’re easy to roll up into your bag
    • you can dress them up or down
  • 2 T-Shirts – One dark and one light.
  • Tank Tops – 5
    I’m a huge fan of tanks and they roll up small. If I get cold I just layer up.
  • Skort – I can wear over pants or as is. It’s versatile and stretchy. I can wear this for casual wear and because it’s actually a sport skort I can wear it working out if I wanted to.
  • Toiletry Bag
    This one is pretty big, but it fits a lot and it’s square so it packs nicely.
  • Multi Plug adaptors
    Most of our plugs are U.S. You can get Universal ones, but we already had a few so we just took them. If we need more we buy them at local hardware stores.

    • 1 NZ/Aus USB plugs.
    • 1 GB
    • 2 Most of Europe
    • 2 Asia
  • 1 Down Sleeping Bag
    This compresses down real small. We even manage to fit our lightweight down jackets inside to save space inside our bags. We used to carry around a double sleeping back but that was a bit of a pain to lug around even though we were able to compress it down a bit. We take this just in case. We’ve slept in airports before, friend’s houses, caravans.. you never know where you’ll be.
  • Shoes
    • 1 Classic Vibram 5 Fingers for general active wear. I’ve worn them for canyoning in spain, running, general activities.
    • 1 Bikila Vibram 5 fingers for running. They’re comfy and perfect for road running smooth trail runs.
    • 1 Vans slip on – for casual wear
    • 1 Croc flip flops – for casual wear
    • 1 Cute Comfy Flip Flops w/ fabric straps – Can wear casual or dress it up a bit
    • 1 Merrell Hiking Shoes – We swapped these out with the Vasque boots we had last year. The Vasque boots were the ones we used on Mount Everest. As comfortable as they were they were too bulky and heavy. They were a pain to lug around, but we used them so much we needed a more compact pair.
    • Cheap black slip ons – These are casual wear. I got them for $6 in Prague after I broke a my flip flops from Bali so I just lug them everywhere because I can make them fit.
    • 1 Silver Ballet Slip ons – For nicer events out.
  • Head Lamp / Head Torch
    This is a freaking lifesaver. Mike is so perfect at being prepared and I just took mine because he took his. I never realized I’d actually use it as much as I did.
  • Water Equipment
    I like my water tasting good…and you never know where we will be

    • CamelBak 1L bottle w/ carbon filter. This makes my water taste yummy. It has a hook at the top so I can stick a carabiner on it and hook it onto anything. This is my lifesaver.
    • 3L Water bladder. I opted to leave the bag for this because bladders can fit anywhere. This packs real small. I actually forgot about it and it would have been perfect on our 12 hour trip to and from Havasu Falls near the Grand Canyon, but at least I know we have it now
    • SteriPen. This is a pocket UV light that you stick in water to kill all kinds of living organisms. We love it. It doesn’t change the water taste though, which is why we have the carbon filters on our bottles.
  • Merino Neck Warmer / Head Band / Face Cover / Head Wrap
    • I haven’t used it much because we’ve been following summers but this is so versatile and compact and it worked so well when we were in Nepal on our Mount Everest Trek.
  • Electronics – Enough to fit one small bag. It’s possible to have a compact travel “studio”.
  • Carabiners – Can’t have too many of these. We have big ones and small ones to hook things on and together. They’re God’s gift to the world. I don’t know how I lived without them for so long.
  • MicroFiber Towel – Packs small, dries fast.
  • MakeUp
    Seriously? You think I’d forget this? I may wear less than I did when I was 18, but I still like to feel pretty sometimes.

    • Eyeshadow – 1 small palette of 3 colors, 1 medium size palette w/ 9 colors
    • Mascara
    • Eye Liner – 1 wet, 1 dry
    • Eye Lash Curler
    • Blush
    • Mineral Powder
    • 4 Brushes – Powder, Blush, 2 Eyeshadow
    • Small eye kit



So, as you can see, there’s a lot of thought put into what we take and we’ve also learned along the way.

Whether or not you are planning to travel for a long time this is still a good packing list for your general travels.

Of course every trip has a different purpose so pack accordingly.



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