If you’re into blogging, vlogging, podcasting on the go

or anything that has to do with video and audio you have to get this microphone.

Ok.. ok.. maybe you can do a bit of research, but at least check out the video so you can hear the difference between using the microphone from my Samsung Galaxy Note 4 and the Rode SmartLav+ Microphone for your smartphone naked and with the minifur.

Let me take a step back and give you an idea of the other mic I use and why I decided to get this one.

Having a microphone makes a noticeable difference with your audio.

Even though smartphones are getting better and better quality, having a dedicated mic for your audio is a good step forward.

Because it’s so important to keep the weight down with our luggage as well as cutting down on sizes of the items we bring, I was searching for the best microphones for my videos.

So, I initially opted to get the Samson Go Mic because it is extremely well priced, it’s such a perfect size, it comes with it’s own tiny case and it actually works pretty well.

Basically, you get good value for what you get.

And it’s good enough for traveling.

If I have a mini studio setup I can still use a boom arm, slap on the pop filter and still fit all of it into my luggage with not too much extra weight.

But there was one problem…

Because the Samson Go Mic has a USB input and not really ergonomically set up for on the go audio, I needed another solution.


RODE SmartLav+ Mic Review

You can tell the noticeable difference in the video.

(Even though my niece and I were being super silly.)

Neither of my cameras have a microphone input so I needed something for my smartphone.

I know that RODE has a great reputation and many of my friends use it so I started searching to see if they had something small enough for me that I can not only use my phone, but a camera that does have a mic input (oh.. you know… so I have an excuse to buy yet another one).

I love it because it’s super small and fits in the tiniest little bag.

But, not to mention the quality sounds great.


… and … you can’t have a mic while you’re…

… on the go …

without a pop filter.

The MiniFur comes with three pieces (sweet!) and looks like a cute little microphone hat.

You can also here a bit of the difference in the video above as it cuts down the background noise.

But here’s the stress test for you…

Add in a ton of high wind!

I’ve done that for you below, check it out.


Other Videos Where I’ve Used the SmartLav+ and MiniFur

These are also great videos to listen to if you want to know how the SmartLav+ and MiniFur sound with high wind and a lot of background noise.

… why?

Lol… because I’m on the back of a scooter in Bali recording.

YES! lol.

Check it out:

This one too….


What About You?

So far I’ve had great experience with the RODE SmartLav+ and the Samson Go Mic…

But.. what about you?

If you’ve had experiences with other microphones you’ve used during your travels (or even at home)…

COMMENT below and let me know.

I’d love to learn more.


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