Have you ever fallen off the horse and gotten back up again?

One of the things we do is travel vlog right?

So, to be somewhat consistent I decided to do a 30 day video challenge with some friends who also do videos.

Now, part of the way through Mike and I traveled to the Philippines to visit family and take care of some stuff.

We were trying to set up a family condo to be rented out, but it hadn’t been lived in for 5 years.

Which meant no water, electricity and of course.. no internet.

I fell off the horse.

The “unlimited” data on my local sim card wasn’t exactly.. unlimited..  and the internet at the cafe nearby was too slow to upload videos.

But, these are just excuses right?

Because whether you’re vlogging for fun or doing it for your business you can actually find ways to keep things going without actually having to be present.

But, I’m getting back up on the horse.


Video Every Day in April

Instead of doing a 30 day challenge… a video everyday in April is my plan and I would like to invite you to join.

I’ve got a detailed list of how we can do it together below.

One of my friends, Di Downie, was super keen to continue to do videos and has been a huge help giving feedback and support.

If you are in our private group we will be keeping up with each other in there.

Either way… here’s how we’re going to do things…


How We’re Doing This

1. Do a video a day in April (duh). If you need topics to start off, here are 101 Video Topics.

2. Upload your video to YouTube. Make your video public. You want people to see you don’t you?

3. Syndicate it to Twitter. When you upload your video, connect your Twitter account and click the Twitter icon when you upload your video. See #4 before you click ‘Publish’.

Video Everyday in April | Courageously Free Travelers

**4. Hashtag #FPVEDA your YouTube and Twitter. We’re doing things differently this time. Last time we used a different hashtag specific to Courageously Free, but we want to open it up to everyone. That said we’re changing it to #FPVEDA because that stands for: FreedomPreneur Video Every Day in April. Keep on reading to show you how we we will use it.

**5. Post on Facebook. I personally post the video directly on Facebook because they love native content…. meaning… your post is more likely to be seen if you upload an image or video directly, rather than adding a link to YouTube or a blog post. Remember to hashtag #FPVEDA as well.

**6. Post Your Video Link in our Private FB groupWe’re all supporting each other. This is helpful if you would like even more accountability whether you are new or have been doing this for ages.


** #4-6 are optional. But we do it for a reason if you want to gain momentum. Keep reading to see more detailed information. **


What’s  Up with This Hashtag Thing and How Do You Use it?

A lot of you already know this.

But, some of you don’t.

If you want to support and be supported through this month of April… this is very important to do.

In fact… if other people are commenting on your video, share the love and do it back… but it’s best to pay it forward first.

Hashtags were designed to filter out posts on the same topic.

In the midst of the chaos on social media it’s the easiest way to create and find specific posts.

In this case, we will be using #FPVEDA.

This stands for… FreedomPreneur Video Every Day in April.

I personally will be browsing these three social media platforms:

  • Twitter
  • YouTube
  • Facebook

Make sure your content relating to this video challenge uses this hashtag if you want to be found by the rest of us.

Here’s how you use the #FPVEDA Hashtag:

1. Simply type “#FPVEDA” in your post along with whatever text is relevant to your video.

2. Publish your post

3. Type “#FPVEDA” in the search function of any of these social media platforms to search for other videos using this hashtag.

4. Go through other #FPVEDA posts, watch the video, comment on the video. This actually helps you as much as it helps the video creator.


The Private Facebook Group and How to Get Involved Even More

You’re probably already in this Facebook Group.

But if you’re not then you need to sign up (This site will be closed from April 3 and relaunched April 15).

I will add you to the group and we can start from there.

Here, there are more people who are very active in helping each other grow in everyway…. blogs, vlogs, businesses, personally.

A lot are travelers, but not all are.


Thank You

We’re honored to have you join us or at least follow this challenge.

In either case, I’m looking forward to seeing your videos.


Much love… your incessant traveler,