“Where are you?”

Is the biggest question people ask us these days.

Right this second, we’re in Orange County, California (where I grew up).

You’ll see some teaser clips in the midst of this 0:54 second video of the 22 Day #pushupChallenge we’re doing.

We’re getting ready to head to San Francisco and I’m crossing fingers we’ll take a detour through Arizona on our way to New York before our Europe trip.

So my question for YOU is..

Will you be in any of the following areas?

  • San Francisco
  • Arizona
  • Toronto
  • New York
  • London
  • Netherlands
  • Germany

If you are let us know.

We’re usually pretty busy, but if you’re in the area come meet us for a cuppa or a drink.


Your Courageously Free Travelers…

Mike and Regina

p.s. In the next few days I’m sharing ways to save money so you can travel the world.

Until then here’s a little nugget for you…

We use this app to keep us on track with our goals whether it’s related to travel, our business or other parts of our personal life.

We’re putting together a private group for those who download the free app to give you tips on how we use it for our goals and to even create an income stream with it.

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