So you wonder who we are aye?

You’ve seen us on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, your mom’s dinner table.


At this very moment this is my very first post on our travel site.

So, I thought I’d take the time to do a proper introduction.

I’m Regina.

My husband Mike and I have been traveling full time since January 2014.

We both worked in the entertainment industry before we quite our jobs.

Mike worked in the music industry and traveled all over Australia and New Zealand with some pretty cool names.

I worked in the film and tv industry in animation.

Our Story

We met online (go figure).

We didn’t have enough time to date in person so we each decided to sign up for these silly dating sites, not really caring if we run into the ‘one’.

I mean honestly, we were pretty happy on our own.

It was that first time when we ate at an outdoor cafe in Wellington, New Zealand on a beautiful day (those are rare).

We didn’t talk a couple months after that, but once we started talking again we went all in!

We started planning our very first BIG trip together.

Mike always had this dream to climb Mount Everest, but never thought it was achievable.

I happened to find a coupon on a website for a 13 day trek to Mount Everest Base Camp and figured I’d buy it. I’ve always believed that dreams do come true if you do something about it.

So we went.

And when we reached base camp.. he proposed to me (funny story actually, you should ask me sometime).

Anyway, we worked really well together on this big trip and ever since then we were trying to figure out where the next cool place was.

Why and How We Quit Our Jobs

It was THAT moment, while sitting inside, working on a public holiday. I looked outside on another rare beautiful day in Wellington.

I was thinking to myself.. ‘Ugh, God.. Am I going to have to do this for the rest of my life?’

Mike’s body was falling apart from the backbreaking work from the music industry.

We barely saw each other.

I was tired of working 6-7 day work weeks.

It was that moment where I decided I was no longer going to live the rest of my life working for someone else’s passions having to ask my boss to go to the doctors.

I started looking online for ways to create an income. I researched for months and found a couple who had been traveling full time with their daughter and working online.

I followed them for a few months to find out if they were real.

Sure enough they were. I practically stalked them.

That was the turning point because at that point I asked if they could mentor me.

A few months later Mike suggested we start traveling full time.

We never looked back.

Though we won’t be traveling full time forever, we will always be courageously free travelers.

Our Vision

It wasn’t until I really dug deep to get the courage (and the balls) to do something seemingly unconventional.

The crazy thing is as we’ve been traveling, I’m meeting more and more people who are doing the exact same thing.

Is it unconventional?

Probably not as much as you think.

We’ve created a really cool lifestyle around our passions and because I know it’s possible, my vision is to inspire others to figure out what freedom means to them and take the leap to be courageously free in all areas of their lives.

I dream, but I’m not a dreamer.

Uh.. what?!

I know that dreams come true, it comes down to belief and what you’re actually going to do about it.

For this travel blog specifically

  • I want to share our experiences
  • Bring you tips from what we’ve learned
  • Build our backlog of resources so that you can use them as well

Thank you!

As of right now, I realized that we haven’t written many travel posts here on our blog even though our social media is littered with travel pictures and posts.

Most of our posts from are related to our online business. And though learning how to create an income online is super fun… I think a purely travel blog is necessary. hehe.

I think with all that’s gone on since we quit our jobs, you deserve to learn and live vicariously through our experiences.

Thank you for swinging by.


P.S. Here’s the official “About” area. Check it out ya?