What if I told you Mike rode a penny farthing in Canada?

You’re probably like.. wtf is that?!

Dude.. it’s like a unicycle w/ a baby wheel on the back… you’ve totally seen those right?

I have to admit, though Prague and Bali are my favorite places to live, I can’t beat the living experience I had in Canada in the outskirts of Toronto in a wee little town called Jerseyville.

Now, it’s mainly because our two buddies are a thousand times funner than we are (ya i know.. not a word.. work with me here).

Tiff aka Ms. Travelling Pint aka The Fairy Dog Mother aka one half of The Travelling Dogs aka Salute 42 Raw Dog food and her beau Bernie aka The Other Half go out of their way to have fun.

That’s def something Mike and I need to learn how to do.

So, by now you’re probably asking… uh so what does that have to do with a penny farthing?

It has EVERYTHING to do with a penny farthing… also known as the ordinary.

In any case, I’m not going to hold you here any longer, watch the freaking video!

I’d say it’s a hoot, but wait until you see the 80s dance party.

Ok.. watch this below:

So, let me ask you… Would YOU ride one of these?