Orakei Korako Thermal Park

You like stunning sites don’t you?

Wtf is Orakei Korako?

Without getting too far ahead of yourself and watching the sick ass vlog and aeriel footage, it’s a thermal park in a city called Taupō, New Zealand.

In your own time you can read the history of Orakei Korako here.

If you’re asking yourself what a thermal park… let’s just say that the videos show you that hotsprings, geysers, clear blue pools and mudpools are the ones that really tell the story.

But don’t hop in!! You might burn your buns!

Enjoy watching!!

VLOG and Aerial Footage


We love Orakei Korako Thermal Park.

As you can see, this place is breathtaking and to see it from different vantage points really makes your heart tickle.

I’d like to thank Orakei Korako for letting us take this footage for them.

The staff was great and really helpful, not to mention the coffee and snacks were a treat.


Conclusion and End Notes

We were already in the Taupō area for a business mastermind (there’s way more footage coming your way so keep your eyes peeled).

We had a few extra days in the area and managed to capture all the cool things that we did there.

The two girls in the video, Rozanne and Chareese are two of the girls we’ve been working with online.

Mike and I enjoyed ourselves so much that we’re going back up after the new year to do more!

What did we do?

We went to the Tauhara Meditation Retreat, Rode around the motocross trails, sat in a thermal swim spot on the river, rode on cows!!

Uh.. ok, we didn’t ride on cows, but I’m pretty sure cows may be involved in future visits to Taupō.


Will you come back to see?

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